21 Dec 14

Frequency of Massage?


Frequency of Massage

A lot of customers want to know how often should they get a massage. There is no one answer for all of them. It depends on person to person. Their lifestyle, the job they are in, their activity level and if they are experiencing any stress, pain, spasms or any other physical discomfort.

If all is well, massage should be part of your monthly routine at the least; more sessions will not do any harm if you enjoy the calming benefits of a massage session. Just be sure the pressure applied is not too strong to cause a muscle tension. Don’t keep sessions too far apart then a month, because benefits of a massage build upon each session. If it’s too far apart, every time it will be like starting from scratch.

Besides the norm, if you have stressful life or have muscle tensions from workouts or physical labor then you should visit once every one or two weeks to release stress and tension. Spasms, headaches or any physical problems such as back or shoulder pain should visit more often in a week, probably twice a week to treat the problem. However, once the problem is solved, you could go back to a routine you can continue on a regular basis.

All bodies are different and all need some care. Judge what you need and maintain the care you give your body, as you are responsible for it. Incorporating a massage in your lifestyle is important, and how often you get one is a matter of what your body demands.

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