23 Jun 14

5 reasons to drink coconut water

In the more recent past coconut water has become increasingly popular for its benefits it claims to have on a persons body. I am sure by now you all know that coconut water is a clear liquid and not to be confused with coconut milk or oil.

5 reasons why you should be drinking this ‘water’/’juice’ are:

1. Its natural!
The coconut that falls from the tree is an excellent energy drink, replenishes any loss water from the body. Great thirst quencher and a super hydrating drink which brings a super glow to the skin.

2. Its Nutritious
Coconut water has low carbohydrates and more potassium than four bananas. This Juice has more calcium than most juices

3. Aids weight loss.
Switch to coconut water instead of your other sports drinks, sodas & juices. It is low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free. Its is especially low in sugar compared to most of the energy drinks, juices and soda.

4. Helps aid a lot of diseases and problems.
From simple hangovers, digestive disorders to blood pressure and kidney stones, coconut water is known to help with these problems.

5. Good for pregnancy.
Its nutritious water like quality makes this great drink for pregnant women. 

Limit to one coconut a day, you don’t want to be intaking extra sugar and calories.



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