13 May 14

Fight the Heat

The heat is back! 

And literally the sun is shining bright and hot and all we can do is complain and hate the summers here in Dubai. Even though, I have been here for the past 20+ years, I still don't know why I complain even if I experience the heat for less than 2 minutes. It is annoying, angers do flare up, kids get more annoying and life gets slightly difficult and all you can think of is leaving the city for the summer holidays! 

But what if there is no option to leave, and the summer is just started. Imagine the people who work in the heat outdoors. So I have decided to embrace this heat and get right into it. Be happy in the heat. Some ways I am going to be doing it are:

1. Enjoy cold drinks

Especially Iced Tea. I love it. There is a lot more cold stuff you can be drinking but try your best to have it natural, home made and with lot of nutrients. Please dont head for the bottle of Cola. Try homemade smoothies with fresh fruits, brew tea and have it cold, even coffees, enjoy fresh cut fruit juices. 

2. Ditch black clothing

I dislike the color black. All seasons. Especially in the summer the color black absorbs a lot of heat making you more irritable, angry and annoying. Infact, avoid all dark and dull shades. Opt for light or pastels shades of clothing. 

3. Go shopping for new shades

Atleast the summer you can flaunt some new shades of the season. Buy sunglasses that are new on the market and up the style meter. You don't have to go buy the most priciest ones, be sensible and pick the ones that best suit you.

4. Go for a swim

A dip in the pool or even the beaches will leave you feeling comfortable in this heat. Instead of the usual workouts at the gym, choose to work it out in the pool. Or simply take your kids and family to the beach and get wet. 

What are you doing this summer to keep cool? If you have more ideas, please share! 



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