30 Apr 14

Benefits of massage

Benefits of Massage:

Haven't ever gotten a massage before? Why do you need one? Is it important? How will it change my health? 

So, if you are one of those who doesn't know how a massage feels or don't like the touch of another person may be losing out on lot of benefits you could possibly get out a massage. I will only tell you those that I experience and not what is read about or heard by others.

The main reason I get a massage is when I have had an intense workout at the gym and my muscles are crying out loud in pain. A massage helps my sore muscles and relaxes my aches and pains all over my body.

Sometimes, I head down for a massage because I feel insomiatic with all the stress I am experience in my daily life. A good massage, and mind you one hour is not enough for that, puts my sleep back in its place. Most of the time I am dozing off on the massage bed and wake up feeling the best ever.

Ladies, I almost get one everytime when my PMS symptoms kick in. Believe me, the me time is so needed and keeps me calm and less cranky.

I think its makes me feel better because of a good blood circulation which is caused by the massage. You know sometimes the aches in our joints like are knees, ankles, hips and all can be releived by a good massage. Also good blood circulations brings back glow and freshness back to dull faces. It makes you more alert and awake when your body is relaxed.

Now please note, that a good massage is only received by trained professionals. Dont expect to go to a salon or dont fall for offers on websites. Investigate your therapist and her expertise whereever you choose to go.

Lastly, I get a massage once a week at the least. Treat yourself to one and see what your body is missing out on. 


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